Wealth Systems is a United Empire-specific technology on the Diplomacy and Trading technology tree with a research cost of 130 Science. It unlocks a Star System Improvement, requires research in Xenology or in Soil Xenobiology, and allows no further research.

"Dust is both a substance and a currency standard; its monetary form can be generated by cutting back on industry and pouring resources into advanced financial operations. However, research can also be done to find those rare instances of self-replicating Dust, which can be fed raw materials to accelerate its activity."

Advanced DustgenEdit

  • Increases Ind-Dust Conversion from 33% Industry to 50% Industry

Cost: Infinite

"Dust can be generated by trade or by fabrication. In this case, enormous containment systems of stimulated Dust can slowly process any physical input into more of this precious substance. The science behind it, for the moment, is not understood, but the results speak for themselves."

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