Way of the Warrior is a Hissho-specific technology on the Diplomacy and Trading technology tree with a research cost of 1800 Science. It unlocks an Empire Improvement, requires research in Optimized Logistics, and allows no further research.

"Though a warlike people, The Hissho have always been insular and clan-based. That is why victory is glorified but expansion into space is not. However, through the application of pedagogy, sociology, propaganda, and subliminals, the good of the greater society could be put ahead of local or clan concerns."

Indoctrination ParksEdit

  • +25 Approval on System while in Invasion Bushido

"The creation of these community centers on Hissho planets serves multiple purposes: News, information, and entertainment are presented freely to the populace at the same time that the messages from the emperor are reinforced."

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