Systemic Unity is a Harmony-specific technology on the Galactic Warfare technology tree with a research cost of 27000 Science. It unlocks an Empire Improvement, requires research in Entangled Systems, and allows no further research.

"Though the Harmony adapt to the lifestyle of planets and technology, they have not forgotten their past. When a system becomes fully populated, they are able to find resonances within it that let them think and see almost as a single mind."

Virtual Dyson SphereEdit

  • +500 Defense for each Planet with Max Population on Purified System

"As planets move, the thinkers of the Harmony track and control planetary emanations of matter and reality. When a system is fully populated and 'tuned' in this way, Harmony sages can call up an ephemeral Dyson sphere for system defense. Though less effective than the real thing, it is also much less costly."

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