Sustainable Supercities is a technology on the Exploration and Expansion technology tree with a research cost of 60000 Science. It unlocks one Star System Improvement and one Scientific Victory Unlock (which reduces the cost of Pan-Galactic Society), requires research in Mass Hydration or in Dark Energy Effects, and allows no further research.

"The theory of a city on the scale of a planet seemed an impossibility. From questions of waste management to psychological stress to food sources, a planetary 'supercity' seemed either an impossible dream or a nightmare. However, with advances in urban planning, psychology, materials science, energy, and the use of activated and partially conscious Dust accretions, these 'supercities' are not merely survivable, but enjoyable and sustainable."

Self-Replicating HabitatsEdit


Cost : 6000 Industry

Requires: Siderite Siderite

  • +2 Population Capacity on Planets
  • -10 Dust on improvement

"Thanks to intelligent materials evolved through the principles of inorganic evolution, inexpensive and automated habitats can be grown in any conditions by materials that 'learn' and adapt to their environment."

Robust NetworksEdit


"The dream of immortality is near, via the process of separating mind and body. The body is put into cryogenic sleep, and the mind lives on. But before we can speak of an immortal mind, the networks on which the mind travels must guarantee 0% failure rates for thousands of years."

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