Sustainability is a technology on the Exploration and Expansion technology tree with a research cost of 130 Science. It unlocks one Colonization option, requires research in Arid Epigenetics, and allows further research in Improved Thermodynamics.

"A critical pre-requisite to colonizing another planet is to have a firm idea of the science, processes, and skills necessary to do it in a sustainable manner. Recycling, renewable energy sources, pollution control, and careful consumption are among the requirements."

Colonize DesertEdit


Cost: 75 Industry 1 Population

  • -100% on Population growth on Star System

"Desert ecosystems are famous for their fragility. With low water levels, delicate soils, and intricate (and easily upset) food chains, they are difficult to reliably and sustainably develop. In fact, their colonization would not be practical without a greatly improved understanding of sustainable development."

Improved Desert Colony (Sowers)Edit

  • Remove the colonization penalty on that planet type

Sowers can always colonize any planet type, but suffer a FIDS penalty until they research the appropriate technology.