Space Ablatives is a technology from the Galactic Warfare tech tree.

Cost Prerequisite (any) Leads to Unlocks
7500 16px-science Mobile Gauss Platforms Seamless Constuction Plasma Slugs

Ultradense Armor


Space Ablatives

"Ablative defenses are designed to self-destruct in order to protect their cargo. For starships numerous components including metals, composite materials, fields, and reactive armor are used."

Research Cost: 7500 Science

Talon SlugsEdit

Talon Slugs
  • 1 Accuracy
  • 10% Critic Chance
  • x2 Critic Multiplier
  • 5 Damage Max
  • 3 Damage Min
  • 88 16px-power
  • 24 Projectiles per salvo

Cost: 28 Industry Weight: 12 Tonnage

“A form of improved railgun projectile, the Hissho Talon Slugs are an excellent close-range weapon based on technology developed by an advanced weapons laboratory. In keeping with tradition, each box is anointed with the blood of a sacrifice.”

Superdense ArmorEdit

Superdense Armor
  • 144 Interception accuracy on one missile per round
  • 38 16px-power

Cost: 20 Industry Weight: 11 Tonnage

Requires: Hexaferrum

“Technology required to contain anti-matter can also be used to compress normal matter to the point where new matrices and structures are formed. This ‘superdense’ metal is effective even against some form of anti-matter weaponry.”

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