Soil Revivification is a technology on the Exploration and Expansion technology tree with a research cost of 7500 Science. It unlocks one Planet Improvement and one Anomaly Reduction option, requires research in Graviton Manipulation or in Advanced Warp Gravitics, and allows further research in Mass Particle Displacement.

"'Dirt' is much more than it seems. Rich agricultural soils are full of nutrients as well as bacteria, insects, and other diminutive life forms. In order to create a vibrant planet from the sterile dirt of worlds that are over-exposed to radiation, the first step is revitalizing the soils."

Desert TransformationEdit


Cost : 850 Industry

  • -10 Approval on Planet
  • +1 Food per Population on Planet
  • +1 Industry per Population on Planet
  • +9 Dust per Population on Planet

"Though the climate may be hostile, a desert planet can be rich in valuable resources. "Upgrading" from an even less hospitable planet is still a major task, requiring the creation of atmosphere, some basic level of soils and hydration, and even simple life forms."

Extreme Anomaly ReductionEdit


Unlocks Anomaly Auto-Reduction

  • High Gravity
  • Poor Soil
  • Polar Tempests
  • Corrosive Soil
  • Strong Magnetic Field
  • Mineral Poor
  • Kessler Syndrome
  • Toxic
  • Acid Rain
  • EM Radiation
  • Irradiated
  • Endless Trouble

"The removal or stabilization of more complex anomalies from a planet is a close kin to the sciences of terraforming. Like them, it requires enormous investments of time and money as well as highly advanced sciences if it is to be done within realistic terms."

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