Self-Replicating Structures is a technology on the Applied Sciences technology tree with a research cost of 14000 Science. It unlocks 2 Ship Support Modules (Tonnage and Scout), requires research in Solar Mining or in Inorganic Biology and allows further research in Quantum Devices and Black Hole Mining.

"Using inorganic biology techniques and the native intelligence of Dust, objects of widely varying sizes can be created that self-design and self-improve."

Smart CargoEdit

Production cost Weight
1000 Industry 0 Tonnage
  • +50 Tonnage on Ship

Requires : Hexaferrum Hexaferrum (Strategic resource)

"With Dust-enhanced, reactive storage systems becoming a standard on ships, more weight can be brought on board a ship thanks to these adaptive real-time cargo systems."

Dusty SensorsEdit

Production cost Weight
110 Industry 50% Tonnage
  • +7% Accuracy on Weapons
  • +8 Detection on Ship

​"Through the use of Dust-augmented signal analysis, an enormous range of different forms of radiation can be rapidly captured and analysed, yielding significant improvements in scouting and detection."

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