Resilient Infrastructures is a technology on the Applied Sciences technology tree with a research cost of 36,000 Science. It unlocks a Ship Support Module (Repair), needs research in Quantum Processing or in Black Hole Mining and allows further research in Dust Virtualization.

"It is one thing to create cities and buildings that will survive if left alone; it is quite another to create those that will rebuild if damaged. Advanced alloys, self-replicating structures, intelligent materials, and advanced robotics have all combined to create cities that will continue to maintain themselves unless they are reduced, entirely, to subatomic particles. And even then..."

Living HullsEdit

  • +2% Fleet repair per Battle Phase on Ship
  • +2% Fleet repair per Turn (all sectors) on Ship
  • +0.1 Module regeneration (in all areas) on Fleet

Cost: 400 Industry Weight: 20% Tonnage

Requires: Hyperium Hyperium

"Advanced intelligent materials permit the fundamental structure of a ship to think and adapt, almost as if it was the skeleton of a living being. As long as there is energy, the ship will be able to self-repair."

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