Quantum Devices is a technology on the Applied Sciences technology tree with a research cost of 25,000 Science. It unlocks a Ship Support Module (Engine), needs research in Pervasive Etching or in Self Replicating Structures and allows further research in Persistent Construction.

"The time has come for the everyday use of sub-nano devices. Driven by the computing power of quantum processors and advancements in field and power technology, unimaginably tiny objects can be created for everyday needs."


  • The Vaulters refer to this technology as "Sub-Quantum Calorimeters". It has the following description: "An inevitable advance from traditional semi-conductor based particle detection, these new "Advanced Nosfer" systems capture data from a wide range of inputs - quantum perturbations, dark matter interactions, and time-reversed polarity inflected anti-matter."

Integrated EnginesEdit

Production cost Weight
270 Industry 20% Tonnage
  • +15% Evade score on Ship
  • +3 Warp on Ship
  • +1 Warp on Fleet
  • +30 Hull weakness on Ship
  • +5 Move on Ship
  • +2 Move on Fleet

Requires : Anti-Matter Anti-Matter (Strategic resource)

"The use of quantum devices throughout drive and navigation hardware has resulted in unthinkable improvements in ship speed. As ship components, materials, and systems interact at the speed of light, engine speed and efficiency approach their theoretical maximum."

Portal Particle Screens (Vaulters)Edit

  • Links the portals to provide +1% Science per constructed aperture.
  • One-time bonus (not affected by additional improvements, not cumulative)
  • -7 Dust on improvement
  • Construction effects: -66% Science on Empire

Cost : 15 turns

Requires : Adamantian Adamantian (Strategic resource)

"Strange things happen to matter and time when they are accelerated and teleported via the Vaulter Aperture portals. By installing screening systems that read the sub-atomic particles generated in portal exchanges, Vaulter scientists learn a great deal about time, the universe, and high-risk mass transit."

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