Quadrinix Quadrinix is the last strategic resource, unlocked by researching Black Hole Mining. Once you have researched the technology, all instances of Quadrinix will be revealed in systems you own or have explored.


"A material that exists in phases between matter, anti-matter, and alternate universes, Quadrinix has the highest energy density of any known and containable substance."

Quadrinix plays an important role in the game - it is needed to terraform planet types into an Terran, Ocean and Jungle. It is also a requirement for building the "Endless Empire" system improvement which is an alternative scientific victory. Lastly, Quadrinix is needed to make some of the most advanced structures and ship modules.

On its own, this strategic resource increases industry and science production by 2 Industry per Population and 2 Science per Population for the planet it is found on.

Improvement, ModuleEdit

Missile Edit

Weapon Damage  %Critical Interception Industry Tonnage Military power # res Tech
Nonbaryonic Explosives 300-1000 0% 136 52.2 18 163 1 Quadrinix
Nonbaryonic Explosives 300-1000 0% 136 46.4 18 163 2 Quadrinix
Nonbaryonic Explosives 300-1000 0% 136 40.6 18 163 3 Quadrinix
Nonbaryonic Explosives 300-1000 0% 136 23.2 18 163 4+ Quadrinix
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