Hero Bosun Jennifer Rach

Bosun Jennifer Rach, a Pirate Hero

Pirates are an independent, non-playable faction in Endless Space.

Background Edit

The universe is full of wealth and riches, and there are those who would rather take what has already been created than do the hard work themselves. While military expeditions generally destroy these bands of pirates or raiders before they become too powerful, one syndicate of pirate-traders, known as ABC (the Autonomous Bastards' Collective), has grown sufficiently large and wealthy to constitute a serious threat to galactic development.

Gameplay Edit

Pirates are present in all matches except when expressly disabled by the player beforehand. Pirate ships harass other Empires, attacking fleets and systems, until they are destroyed; they cannot colonize planets, research technologies, or retreat from combat. Pirates can be denied opportunities to spawn and hide by colonizing unclaimed systems. By the time all of a map's systems have been claimed, most if not all pirate forces will have been eradicated by growing Empires. Additional pirate forces can appear during the Random Events "Armada of the Collective", "Unexpected Alliances", and "Lady Who??".

Secret Edit

In the game files, a setup for the pirate faction can be found. The faction, however, can not be played unless the option for them to be a hidden faction is set to false. Thus it is technically possible to play as that Pirates.

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