Pervasive Etching is a technology on the Applied Sciences technology tree with a research cost of 14,000 Science. It unlocks a Star System Improvement, needs research in Solar Mining and allows further research in Quantum Devices.

"While beings have had 'smart' objects for centuries (clothes, vehicles, furniture, appliances, etc.), recently discovered alloys permit the etching of logical circuits on any surface. Roads, sidewalks, pipes, walls, and floors are capable of being interactive and intelligent."


  • The Vaulters refer to this technology as "Defcon Incubators". It has the following description: "These are specialized incubators for Vaulter entrepreneurs who want to create defense-oriented technology start-ups. The companies receive privileged access to the latest scientific research, and in turn generate both improved technologies and better gear for allied units."

Graviton-Shielded LaboratoriesEdit


Production cost : 1800 Industry

Requires : Anti-Matter Anti-Matter (Strategic resource)

  • +20% Science on Star System
  • -7 Dust on improvement

"Thanks to the reactive capacities of etched graviton sensors, science develops the capacity to create shielding effects that isolate objects from the effect of gravity-bearing "graviton" particles. Critical space-oriented technologies can now be developed and tested anywhere."

Allied C3 Systems (Vaulters)Edit

  • +15% damage when fighting on allied territory on fleet
  • +15% allied territory defense on fleet

"Using the latest advanced in military technology, Vaulters integrate their own battlefield communications systems with those of allied factions. The result gives them a major bonus when planning offensive or defensive operations."

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