Persistent Construction is a technology on the Applied Sciences technology tree with a research cost of 36,000 Science. It unlocks a Star System Improvement, needs research in Quantum Devices or in Black Hole Mining and allows further research in Dust Virtualization.

"Whether fortunate or not, every traditional building material eventually decays -- clay brick, steel, concrete, plastic, even graphene. However, science has advanced to the point where the most advanced alloys appear, as far as calculations can tell, to be able to maintain their form and strength until the heat death of the universe. And possibly later."

Anomalies InstituteEdit


Production cost : 6000 Industry

Requires : Anti-Matter Anti-Matter, Quadrinix Quadrinix (Strategic resources)

  • +40% Science on Star System
  • -11 Dust on improvement

"Science has come to the point where anomalies can be recreated and studied under laboratory conditions, if those labs are built from highly resistant materials and systems. The anomalies unders [sic] study include black holes, entropy, stars, and dark matter."

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