Non-Baryonic Shielding is a technology on the Exploration and Expansion technology tree with a research cost of 7500 Science. It unlocks one Ship Class and one Star System Improvement, requires research in Applied Atmospherics or in Advanced Warp Gravitics, and allows further research in Exotic Thermodynamics, Personal Fields, and Mass Particle Displacement.

"Non-baryonic particles had long been the great mystery of advanced physics. Now, a greater understanding of the nature and mechanics of particles such as photons, gravitons, and anti-matter permits the creation of shielding systems that either repel or contain non-baryonic matter."

Dreadnought ClassEdit

Psychological InsulationEdit


Cost : 800 Industry

  • +1 Population Capacity on Planets with an explored Moon
  • +1 Population Capacity on Planets
  • -4 Dust on improvement

"A great problem with increasing population can be the sudden increase in population density for beings that are not used to crowded habitats. Techniques of insulating individuals, family groups, and communities through a combination of architecture and urban psychology permits greater densities of population."

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