Neutrino Lensing is a technology unique to the Cravers, found on the Galactic Warfare. It is identical to the Advanced Lensing technology found on the technology trees of the other factions in the game, but with a research cost of 25000 16px-science, giving the Cravers much earlier access to its benefits. It unlocks a Power Support Module.

Prerequisites Cost Leads to Unlocks

Positron Containment



Neutrino Pulsion

In-Game DescriptionEdit

"The phenomena called 'lensing' was first attributed to the affects of gravity on photos. However, if the right materials and enough energy is used, even lightweight neutrinos can be 'lensed' and channeled for various industrial uses."

Neutrino PulsionEdit

Neutrino Pulsion
  • +12% damage max on fleet weapons
  • +12% damage min on fleet weapons
  • 10016px-power
  • Cost: 33.616px-industry Weight: 2416px-weight

"Advanced neutrino capture and decay systems are the ultimate goal for creation of inexpensive and ubiquitous power supplies."

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