Neural Net Society is a technology on the Diplomacy and Trading technology tree with a research cost of 14000 Science. It unlocks a Diplomatic Option and one Star System Improvement, requires research in Futuristic Game Theory or in Advanced Scholastics, and allows further research in Directed AI Computing and Long-Term Xeno Funds.

"Far beyond simple networked computers that talk to networked appliances and personal information technologies lies the possibility of what is, more or less, a networked everything. Movement, consumption, creation, and development are all done by entities--living or not--that can be networked to create a seamlessly perfect execution of any function necessary in a society."


  • For the Harmony, this technology instead requires research in Futuristic Game Theory and allows research in Directed AI Computing.
  • The Sophons refer to this technology as Self-Organizing Data, and it has the following description: "Data is typically thought of as unrelated individual elements of information that must be collated and analyzed by an outside source. By combining numbers theory and data architecture models (and given enormous computing power), random feeds of real-time data can learn to self-organize and self-define, generating theories and relationships without intervention." They also receive this technology earlier in their tree, for a cost of only 680 Science. It requires research in Improved Fleet Management and allows for no further research.

Alien PsychoanalysisEdit

  • +20% allied territory Defense on Ships

"Arguably the most challenging effort in dealing with alien societies is the ability to understand and model their intellectual systems. The ability to gauge, predict, and influence their reaction to political and economic issues provides a handsome return, when it works."

Alien Empathy (Amoeba)Edit

Alien Empathy
  • +20% allied territory Defense on Ships
  • +20% Trade Routes Bonuses per number of Allies on System

"Arguably the most challenging effort in dealing with alien societies is the ability to understand and model their deepest fears and desires. Channeling and understanding these drivers of personality, the ability of the Amoeba to gauge, predict, and influence others provides a handsome bonus."

Signal Lenser ArrayEdit

Signal Lenser Array
  • +10% Detection on Star System
  • +25% Influence Area on Star System
  • -2 Dust on improvement

Cost: 2400 Industry

Requires: Siderite Siderite

"A great advance in cloaking systems is made by particle lensing -- using magnetics and gravity, the motion of particles is controlled to conceal ships and installations. When coupled with advanced data analysis, it becomes increasingly difficult for enemy assets to analyze and understand signal patterns."

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