Maximized Exploitation is a technology on the Diplomacy and Trading technology tree with a research cost of 14000 Science. It unlocks one Empire Improvement, requires research in Advanced Scholastics or in Vocation-Oriented Society, and allows further research in Long-Term Xeno Funds and Perfect Forecasting.

"Early industrial societies are more or less vast engines for producing waste; little of what is initially taken from the ground actually ends up as a product and the rest is dumped. By maximizing the processes of extraction, refining, transport, storage, and distribution, enormous gains in efficiency and volume can come with the added value of reduced waste."


  • The Harmony do not receive this technology.
  • The Pilgrims receive this technology earlier in their tree, for a cost of only 680 Science. It has a prerequisite of Consensus Systems and leads to no further research.

Augmented CommandersEdit

  • -5 Turn(s) before new Hero arrival on Empire
  • +50% XP Bonus when assigned on Hero
  • +50% XP Bonus for each Battle on Hero
  • +50% XP Bonus for each Construction on Hero
  • +50% XP Bonus for each Opponent injured on Hero

"The advances in neuroscience and systems science have led to the partial inclusion of bioengineered implants for those leaders who request it. The long-term effects are unknown, but in the short term the rapidity with which they learn and adapt is astounding."

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