Emperor Maximilian Zelevas. Also Icon For United Empire.

 Maximilian Zelevas is the current Emperor of the United Empire as of the beginning of the game. Having seized power through a bloodless coup, the rise heralded a dramatic shift in the Imperial political balance.

Early LifeEdit

Business CareerEdit

At some point in time, Zelevas became the CEO of the powerful conglomerate XenoMine Corp. Quite successful, he became renowned as a highly intelligent, natural-born leader.

Seizure of PowerEdit

Some time before the start of the game, Zelevas led a bloodless coup d'etat, deposing the then emperor Willema Szinda from the throne. Once a competent man, Szinda had grown increasingly unstable and erratic, making him an unpopular figure.

Crucial to Zelevas's success was the tacit support from the elite Sheredyn force. Although sworn to protect reigning emperor regardless of the situation, the Sheredyn allowed the coup to proceed and, ultimately, succeed. All of this came as an startling but pleasant surprise to many of the United Empire's elite.[1]

Current StatusEdit


Emperor Zelevas touring a newly conquered world.

Zeleva's reign has so far been characterized by the true emergence of the United Empire - and its corporations - as an interstellar power. Interstellar exploration and colonization is now beginning in earnest.[2]

Either out of gratitude, fear, or possibly a combination of both, the Sheredyn now enjoy even greater powers. Regardless, this organization is now a powerful sub-faction within the greater Empire.

In Endless Space 2, it is revealed that Emperor Zelevas has a sister, Lena Zelevas, 15 years younger than her brother, who has two daughters.



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