Low-Entropy Materials is a technology on the Galactic Warfare technology tree with a research cost of 45000 Science. It unlocks one Support Module (Invasion), requires research in Seamless Construction, and allows no further research.

"By developing materials with properties that are naturally entropy-resistant, military systems can be built that have a natural tendency to remain stable regardless of changes in energy."

A-Entropic WeaponsEdit

  • 800 Invasion
  • +25% Invasion on Ship

Cost: 110 Industry Weight: 25 Tonnage

Requires: Quadrinix Quadrinix

"The last Law of Physics to go is thermodynamics' third, for now armament can be created that locally defies the forces of entropy. These projectiles are capable of piercing a planet and exiting from its far side; excellent for creating fear but rather hard on the geology."

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