Localized Stasis is a technology on the Galactic Warfare technology tree with a research cost of 3000 Science. It unlocks one Support Module (Armor) and one Special Module (Troops), requires research in Plasma Cage or in Flawless Machining, and allows further research in Directed Plasma and Personal Shielding.

"By controlling the decay of particles through the use of local stasis fields, new weapons systems have been created that manipulate all four primary energy sources at once."

Reflective ArmorEdit

  • +325 Hit points on Ship

Cost: 32.4 Industry Weight: 5% Tonnage

Requires: Titanium-70 Titanium-70

"The advent of focused energy 'beam' weapons has changed the requirements for starship armor. Highly reflective armor which can deflect or disperse these beams is one solution."

Assault TroopsEdit


Cost: 28 Industry Weight: 15+10% Tonnage Slots: 1 Special Slot

"These are highly specialized infantry, trained and equipped to participate in the ground invasion of star systems."


The Sheredyn receive the Assault Troops Special Module from the Dust to Dust technology; they do not receive it here.

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