LMI Systems is a Hissho-specific technology on the Galactic Warfare technology tree with a research cost of 100 Science. It unlocks one Star System Improvement, requires research in HE Batteries, and allows no further research.

"Key to the Hissho warrior culture is the notion of Learning – Mastery – Imparting. Like their soldiers, their ships are also equipped with integrated systems that study the effects of the ship’s experience and share it with other vessels within communication range."

Wargame CenterEdit

Wargame Center
  • -10% Ship Cost while Bushido Bonus on Star System
  • +1 Ship XP per Turn if Ship idled on Star System
  • -3 Dust on improvement

Cost: 280 Industry

"Relentless warriors, the Hissho continually improve the battle capabilities of themselves and their ships. This center shares battle data and continually runs scenarios, improving the effectiveness of ships that are not on deployment and sharing design and material concepts with the shipyards."

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