Pilgrim Hero - Jana Kryv

Kryv's hero portrait.

Jana Kryv is a hero from the Pilgrims faction and a critical character to the game's storyline. Her actions triggered the events featured in Echoes of the Endless.


Jana Kryv was the born into what is now called the Lost Generation of Pilgrims.[1] Conceived at a time of scarce resources, idealistic life cycle experimentation, and constant fleeing from the United Empire, she, like her peers, was raised in what amounted to a nursery or foster home, with caretakers in place of her parents.

Without true parental bonding, though, the members of this generation became characterized by introversion and low self esteem. This was particularly true for Jana. As the granddaughter of Deona Kryv, one of the founders of the Pilgrims, she also grew up in her ancestor's shadow, despite her own brilliance. 

Kryv tried to make up for her terrible self-image through achievements and accomplishments, driving herself to earn the equivalent of 3 PhD's. Still, she was unable to fill her inner void, causing her to go to even greater extremes.

Echoes of the EndlessEdit

At the age of 27, Kryv was tasked with examining a group of already-known artifacts from the Endless . This was a routine, mundane mission, but it is where she found her destiny. After decoding one of the artifacts, Kryv abruptly departed known space for an unexplored star cluster. Efforts to find her failed, and she was presumed dead.[2]

Roughly a year after her disappearance, though, something within the cluster began transmitting a series of quantum-tunneled signals. Scientists were unable to decipher the signal, but the end result was unmistakable: Throughout the galaxy, machinery and artifacts from the Endless reawakened. Hidden asteroid bases revealed themselves, long-abandoned ships uncloaked, and ancient war machines reactivated. 

Shortly thereafter, Kryv's ship emerged from the cluster. She was alive and well after all, and the transmission was pronounced "Kryv's Signal."

Whether her actions will be comemorated or condemned, only time will tell...


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