Infinite Variable Computing is a technology on the Applied Sciences technology tree with a research cost of 7500 Science. It unlocks a Star System Improvement and a Ship Support Module (Engine), requires research in Tectonic Engineering or in Atomic Substrates, and allows further research in Persistent Bodies and Quantum Substrates.

"While the term "infinite variable computing" was most likely slapped across the top of an academic paper in order to get larger amounts of grant money, it is true that modern computing power allows the use of a number of variables so large as to be, for all practical purposes, infinite."

Predictive LogisticsEdit

  • +2 Industry per Population on Planets
  • -5 Dust on improvement

Cost: 800 Industry

"​Using advanced computational analysis, the flow of raw materials and manufactured goods can be optimized to an incredibly precise level. The ultimate execution of "just-in-time" commerce across an entire system is a powerful boon to industry."

Predictive Logistics (Automatons)Edit


The Automaton faction has a unique variant of this improvement, which improves their ability to store and earn interest on unused industry. The production cost and flavor text are unchanged.

  • +15% interests [sic] for stacked industry on star system
  • -5 Dust on improvement

Precision NavigatorsEdit

  • +2 Warp on Ship
  • +20 hull weakness on Ship
  • +4 Move on Ship
  • +2 Move on Fleet

Cost: 120 Industry Weight: 20% Tonnage

"​By coupling onboard navigation systems with locators based in your systems, engine speed is not merely increased when traveling, but increased even more when returning to a friendly colonized system."

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