Hypermagnetics is a technology on the Galactic Warfare technology tree with a research cost of 3000 Science. It unlocks two Support Modules (Invasion and Power), requires research in Flawless Machining or in Mobile Gauss Platforms, and allows further research in Personal Shielding.

"A necessary by-product of the rush to create plasma weapons was the necessity to create exceedingly powerful magnetic fields. In some cases, these fields can also have military roles."

Geosynchronous SniperEdit

  • 375 Invasion
  • +15% Invasion on Fleet

Cost : 46 Industry Weight: 25 Tonnage

"Technology now exists to create space-based kinetic weapons that can accurately hit individual targets as small as two centimeters. For interdiction, assassination, and general mayhem there are few better tools."

Accelerated MagneticsEdit

  • +35% Damage Max on Weapons
  • +35% Damage Min on Weapons
  • +15% Defense on Defenses

Cost : 42 Industry Weight: 20% Tonnage

Requires: Anti-Matter Anti-Matter

"Increasing the power and frequency of magnetics permits greater energy generation and utilization."

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