High Albedo Alloys is a technology on the Galactic Warfare technology tree with a research cost of 10500 Science. It unlocks two Star System Improvements, requires research in Directed Plasma or in Personal Shielding, and allows no further research.

"New material discoveries and advanced machining techniques mean that hull alloys can be created of materials that reflect or disperse incoming beam weapons. Usualy."


  • +3 Collateral Damage against Aircraft on Star System
  • +400 Defense Anti Aircraft per Population on Star System
  • -4 Dust on improvement

Cost : 2660 Industry

"A nickname for a highly advanced warhead, these projectiles are covered in a seamless, latticed alloy that is nearly impervious."

W/P ReflectorsEdit

  • +1 Collateral Damage against Troops on Star System
  • +5 Defense Shelter on Star System
  • +2 Control Recovery (Invasion) on Star System
  • -3 Dust on improvement

Cost : 2660 Industry

"Specialized alloys are adapted for use as coatings on movable, nano-scale reflectors. Large arrays of these wave/particle reflectors can be used to deflect, reflect, and de-synchronize particle and beam transmissions, whether they are used for communication or weapons. Effects on the enemy can include backfiring or ineffective weapons, communication failure, and great frustration."

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