Maximized Exploitation is a technology on the Diplomacy and Trading technology tree with a research cost of 14000 Science. It unlocks one Star System Improvement, requires research in Vocation-Oriented Society or in Advanced Biologics, and allows further research in Perfect Forecasting and Accelerated Evolution.

"For most of the pre-modern era, high consumption was equated with degradation, waste, and destruction. However, with element-level recycling systems and efficient waste management, the utopia of a constant churn of high-obsolescence products can finally be achieved."


The Harmony do not receive this technology.

Corporeal FreedomEdit

  • +40 Approval on Star System
  • +5 Approval on Hydrogen
  • +5 Approval on Asteroids
  • +5 Approval on Methane
  • +5 Approval on Helium
  • +5 Approval on Arctic
  • +5 Approval on Desert
  • +5 Approval on Barren
  • +5 Approval on Lava
  • -9 Dust on improvement

Cost: 2100 Industry

Requires: Hexaferrum Hexaferrum

"Tradition, religion, and social mores tend to keep a tight rein on body evolution and the physical alteration of an individual's organism. However, for an enormous number of reasons (political, economic, and practical) governments tend more and more to let individuals freely change their physical structure through augmentations, grafts, clones, implantations, tattoos, electronic etchings, and other alterations."

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