Harmonize Planets is a Harmony-specific technology on the Diplomacy and Trading technology tree with a research cost of 9000 Science. It unlocks a Star System Improvement, requires research in Advanced Biologics, and allows no further research.

"This powerful ability is only possible for advanced civilizations with high concentrations of population. Caused by harmonic waves that are amplified when the entire surface of a planet is developed by members of the Harmony, it provides powerful boosts to the production of Food, Industry, and Science."

Restoration GridsEdit

  • +50% FIS on Planet with Population Max
  • -2 Dust on improvement

Cost: 1000 Industry

"Minerals are known for their unusual affinity for and reaction to certain forms of waves. When a planet is fully "harmonized," the living minerals of the Harmony can instigate a form of particle vibration that coheres the citizens and their daily activities via a system-wide series of grids. The primary role of these grids is to restore a part of the powers that the Harmony lost when they encountered Dust."

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