Flawless Machining is a technology on the Galactic Warfare technology tree with a research cost of 1350 Science. It unlocks two Support Modules (Armor and Bombs), requires research in Depleted Isotopes, and allows further research in Localized Stasis and Hypermagnetics.

"Manufacturing technology has advanced to the point where barrels and projectiles are perfect replicas of one another, down to an atomic level. Weapon power, precision, and reliability are all improved as a result."

Reactive HullsEdit

  • +175 Hit points on Ship

Cost: 21.6 Industry Weight: 5% Tonnage

Requires: Titanium-70 Titanium-70

"While the first generations of starship armament were similar to planetary versions, newer offensive arms require advanced armors. Reactive armor systems have shown to be useful against recent kinetic and missile weapons."

Cluster MunitionsEdit


Cost: 160 Industry Weight: 30% Tonnage

Requires: Orichalcix Orichalcix

"These murderous anti-personnel weapons randomly destroy population within a system."

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