Factory Missions is a Pilgrims-specific technology on the Exploration and Expansion technology tree with a research cost of 1800 Science. It unlocks one Star System Improvement, requires research in Adaptive Colonies, and allows further research in Endless Leverage.

"In a modern universe, the combination of the sacred and profane is commonplace. In developing colonies that are heavily oriented towards development and production, the Pilgrim nation is spreading both its message and its infrastructure."

Factories of the FaithfulEdit

  • Ability to hide from Opponent Inspection on System
  • +30 Industry on Star System
  • -3 Dust on improvement

Cost : 500 Industry

"Zeal and idealism can move worlds, and perhaps even empires. A series of highly advanced factory systems, managed by believers in the Pilgrim cause, create a powerful base of industry that is efficient, wasteless, and inexpensive."

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