Extreme Metallurgy is a technology on the Applied Sciences technology tree with a research cost of 680 Science. It unlocks an Empire Improvement and a Strategic Resource, requires research in Neural Robotics or in High-Energy Magnetics, and allows further research in Advanced Simulations.

"The problem with super-hard, super-dense metals and alloys is that they are super-difficult to forge. In fact, much of the work on these materials is not done by traditional machines but by energy fields and particle beams."

Quantum-Damped CircuitsEdit

  • +10% Tonnage on Ships

"A great obstacle to the development of increasingly small integrated circuits is that at small enough chip scales, quantum particles and field effects interfere with the intended operations of the transistors. By using quantum damping technology, however, these parasitic effects can be bled off so the circuits perform as intended at less than 5 nano-meter scales."



"An exceedingly dense and heavy form of iron formed by the gravitational pressure found near planetary cores, this metal is highly valuable for numerous industrial uses."