Extreme Infrastructure is a Star System Improvement, of the Industry Improvement type and  is Sower-Faction Specific

Prerequisites Cost Effects Requirements

Persistent Bodies (Sowers Technology)

450 16px-industry

  • +3 16px-industry per 1006populationUnitSmall on Arctic
  • +2 16px-industry per 1006populationUnitSmall on Barren
  • +2 16px-industry per 1006populationUnitSmall on Hydrogen
  • +2 16px-industry per 1006populationUnitSmall on Helium
  • +2 16px-industry per 1006populationUnitSmall on Tundra
  • +1 16px-industry per 1006populationUnitSmall on Terran
  • +1 16px-industry per 1006populationUnitSmall on Ocean
  • +1 16px-industry per 1006populationUnitSmall on Arid
  • -3 16px-dust on improvement


In-Game DescriptionEdit

SSI Unique Sower Extreme Infrastructure 64x32

"A by-product of advanced shielding, adaptations to this military defence technology can be applied to industrial sites, protecting them from exposure to extreme conditions."

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