Exotic Thermodynamics is a technology on the Exploration and Expansion technology tree with a research cost of 14000 Science. It unlocks one Planet Improvement, requires research in Low-Temp Hydration or in Non-Baryonic Shielding, and allows further research in Negative Mass Mechanics and Complex Regulated Systems.

"Turning the concept of negative mass materials from theory to fact is a huge leap; exceedingly powerful drives and energy sources are now available as technology is developed that affects entropy itself."


Sowers get this technology earlier in their tree, for a cost of only 1800 Science. It has a prerequisite of Containment Fields and leads to further research in Low-Temp Hydration and Tundra Geomorphology.

Tundra TransformationEdit

  • -5 Approval on Planet
  • +2 Food per Population on Planet
  • +6 Industry per Population on Planet
  • +2 Dust per Population on Planet
  • +2 Science per Population on Planet

Cost: 2660 Industry

Requires: Adamantian Adamantian

"Terraforming a planet into a Tundra-type requires sophisticated manipulation of temperature and humidity on a planetary scale. This requires precise thermodynamic control and a great deal of energy, neither of which would be possible without the use of exotic matter."

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