Evolved Construction

Evolved Construction is a technology from the Galactic Warfare tech tree, with a research cost of 1400016px-science. It unlocks a Missile Weapon Module and an Armor Module. The Cravers have a unique version of this technology, giving them an improved Missile Weapon Module.

Cost Prerequisite (any) Leads to Unlocks
14000 Science Icon Transparent Directed Plasma Stasis Fields Decay Shells
Plasma Shields

In-Game DescriptionEdit

"As materials become smarter, construction of new colonies and new buildings can be done by 'evolving' existing structures. The resulting agglomeration is stronger, partially aware, and will defend itself."

Decay ShellsEdit

Decay Shells

Missile Weapon Module. 200-300 damage, 80 interception evasion, 88 power. Cost: 3616px-industry, Weight: 1416px-weight.

Decay Shells (Cravers)Edit

Missile Weapon Module. 200-300 damage, 200 interception evasion, 100 power. Cost: 28.816px-industry, Weight: 1416px-weight.

"If the goal of a weapon is to destroy matter, a very practical way is to accelerate the decay of standard baryonic matter into its sub-atomic components. Loud and dangerous, but practical."

Plasma ShieldEdit

Plasma Shield

Support Module (Armor). +250 health on ship, 60 power. Cost: 44.816px-industry, Weight: 1516px-weight.

"Requiring enormous amounts of energy, this shielding system surrounds the ship with a near-impenetrable barrier of dense, ionized gas."

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