Entangled Systems
“Radical steps in the understanding of particle physics have given scientists the ability to cause quantum entanglement between matter in different locations.”

Research Cost: 14000 Science

Trooper DefensivesEdit

Trooper Defensives
  • 40 16px-power
  • +500 Invasion military power on ship

Cost: 25 Industry Weight: 24 Tonnage

“Individual assault troops, whether living or robotic, need to be able to survive long enough to recon, analyze, decide, and act.”

Quantum DampingEdit

Quantum Damping
  • 106 Laser damage absorbed per round
  • 53 16px-power

Cost: 26 Industry Weight: 12 Tonnage

“By un-entangling particles at the quantum level and controlling their oscillations, beam weapons can be rendered harmless enough to be absorbed by the ships’ standard hull”

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