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Unofficial wiki for Endless Space, created by French independent developer Amplitude Studios.


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Latest Update

The Search for Auriga

The Search for Auriga, the first free add-on for Endless Space: Disharmony, is now available! The Search for Auriga features new Heroes and a planet with a unique Wonder: Auriga, the setting of the upcoming games Dungeon of the Endless and Endless Legend. Also included in the add-on are various gameplay improvements and bug fixes for both Disharmony and the classic version of Endless Space.

"...As their tiny fleet arrives, other civilizations that have tracked them or searched themselves for the planet begin to appear; the name of Auriga is famed across the settled galaxy. Auriga will once again become a focus of war and strife, for whatever faction can find, and hold, this precious world will have access to the greatest scientific wisdom of the galaxy..."

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