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Endless Space - Wings of Freedom is a purported side scrolling shooter for the Neo Geo X and spinoff of the main game. Announced on April 1st, 2013, it is almost certainly an April Fools joke.

According to the announcement, Wings of Freedom, "the first Neo Geo  X exclusive title," will be Amplitude's attempt to reach out to shoot 'em up fans. 


Endless Space WOF
Science has always believed that at any galactic core sits a black hole of tremendous size and density. Following a trail of Endless ruins, based on map fragments found on a lunar temple, a Sophon exploration group is about to discover that this may not be the case... Hopping from planet to planet and system to system, the fleet must fight off increasingly large and powerful waves of automated defenders bent on preventing them from unveiling the truth.

Challenges and questions await the player as they drive toward the core: What secret are they hiding? What treasures – or horrors – lie in wait? And just how long can my thumbs keep this up?


While some members of the community initially took the announcement seriously, the consensus quickly became that this announcement, having been made on April 1st, was not meant to be taken seriously.

The storyline's canonicity therefore faces an uncertain future. 


The announcement

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