Endless Legend is a fantasy 4X strategy game under development by Amplitude Studios. The game is set in the Endless Space universe and will serve as a sequel to Dungeon of the Endless and prequel to Endless Space.[1]


Endless Legend was announced on August 12, 2013 at Gamescom simultaneously with Dungeon of the Endless. It was released April 24th for early access on Steam and is currently in Beta.


Set many years after Dungeon of the Endless, the descendants of the prisoners who crashed on Auriga eventually emerge on the planet's surface and begin to populate it, having long forgotten how their ancestors first arrived. The new inhabitants of Auriga soon discover that the seasons are extremely long and harsh, and realize that Auriga is a dying world. The player leads one of Auriga's eight competing factions as they build an empire over the next millennium and strive to save their people before Auriga becomes uninhabitable.



Endless Legend features eight playable factions vying for control of Auriga. Known playable factions include:

  • Broken Lords
  • Necrophages
  • Vaulters
  • Wild Walkers
  • Ardent Mages
  • The Roving Clans
  • Drakken
  • Cultists

Auriga is also inhabited by a series of minor factions which are not playable. Minor factions can be assimilated or conquered by players and provide unique units. Known minor factions include:

  • Bos
  • Ceratan
  • Delvers
  • Erycis
  • Haunts
  • Jotus
  • Sisters of Mercy
  • Silics
  • Urces
  • Gauran
  • Hurnas
  • Ice Wargs (Founder's Edition)


Endless Legend's gameplay is standard for a 4X[1]until combat, where it becomes more like a TBS. You issue commands to your units, then there are two rounds of combat where they attempt to follow them out. This cycle then repeats until the end of combat, with units acting in order of their initiative. Armor and weapon management is an important feature in Endless Lengend; they increase and decrease multiple unit stats. Additionally, accessories can give bonuses to actions as well as provide useful effects. You can add them during unit creation (raising its industry cost), or retrofit it in the field at the cost of Dust.



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