Dust Virtualization is a technology on the Applied Sciences technology tree with a research cost of 60,000 Science. It unlocks a powerful Star System Improvement, needs research in Persistent Construction or in Resilient Infrastructures and allows further research in the Pan-Galactic Society.

"While it may or may not be viewed as a boon, intelligent beings are now capable of uploading their consciousnesses into circuitry. Memory, feelings, opinions, attitudes, and emotions can reliably exist in a virtual world, powered and permitted by Dust."

Adaptive Industrial SystemsEdit


Production cost : 5000 Industry

Requires : Adamantian Adamantian (Strategic resource)

  • 100% Food surplus converted into Industry
  • -11 Dust on improvement

"Now on a level with rudimentary Endless technology, the industrial base of the system has become intelligent, self-adapting, sustainable, and autonomous."

Note :Edit

  • This improvement will prevent Population from growing in a star system while it is present in the system. If more population is desired, the improvement can be removed and rebuilt at a later time once growth is no longer needed.
  • This star system improvement now only converts Food to Industry if the maximum Population is reached on this system.

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