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In-Game DescriptionEdit

This appears to be an Endless structure with no visible means of propulsion. After penetrating the outer shell and the defenses, tactical scientific strike squads discovered a door. Upon opening the door, they saw an identical door opening a few meters ahead of them, encircled by polarity-reversed anti-versions of themselves that were also trying to decide what to do. Apparently, Dust-enhaced Heroes, who study their counterparts through this aperture achieve certain benefits, but the effects are little discussed and poorly understood.


  • +10 1011approval on planet
  • +100% fatigue recovery on hero
  • +30% XP bonus when assigned on hero
  • +30% XP bonus for each battle on hero
  • +30% XP bonus for each construction on hero
  • +30% XP bonus for each opponent injured on hero

Resources PrerequisiteEdit

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