Directed Plasma is a technology on the Galactic Warfare technology tree with a research cost of 5625 Science. It unlocks one Support Module (Power) and one Star System Improvement, requires research in Localized Stasis, and allows further research in Condensed Plasma and High Albedo Alloys.

"By improving the technology of the plasma 'pinch' and preparing an energizable 'channel' between aggressor and target, these weapons increase the destructive power of plasma beams."

Extreme FusionEdit

  • +15% Critic Chance on Weapons
  • +45% Damage Max on Weapons
  • +45% Damage Min on Weapons
  • +20% Defense on Defenses

Cost : 120 Industry Weight: 20% Tonnage

Requires: Anti-Matter Anti-Matter

"This is not your grandfather's fusion reactor. N-way Fusion occurring within highly compressed containment fields can only be described as 'extreme.'"

Uniform ShieldingEdit

  • +25% initial Ship HP on Star System
  • -4 Dust on improvement

Cost: 800 Industry

"Due to the irregular shapes of starships, it is often difficult to project and maintain shields without creating points where shields are weak or where too many overlap and waste energy. Advanced systems that guarantee perfect ship shielding avoid both these issues."

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