Deuyivan Construction is a technology on the Exploration and Expansion technology tree with a research cost of 4000 Science. It unlocks one Planet Improvement, requires research in Atmospheric Filtration, and allows no further research.

"Techniques learned from a recently discovered minor race permit the development of infrastructures in extremely high gravities. Using this, advanced terraforming systems can be built upon gas giant planets in order to make them (eventually) habitable."


  • Even though the Automatons are the only playable faction who helped create this technology, they receive it later in their tree than the other factions, with a cost of 25000 Science. It has a prerequisite of Personal Fields and allows no further research.
  • The Pilgrims have this technology earlier in their technology tree, with a cost of only 1800 Science. It has a prerequisite of Baryonic Shielding and allows further research in Null-G Fields.

Gas Giant TransformationEdit


Cost : 3200 Industry

"It required the combined capacities of three species to develop a reliable gas giant transformation process. Using Automaton terraforming systems, Deuyivan matter phase technology, and Endless gating science, a process has been developed to change the primary element of a gas giant, and even turn it into a telluric planet. That was quite complex, but the really clever part was figuring out how to reverse the process."

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