Dense Orbitals is an Automatons-specific technology on the Diplomacy and Trading technology tree with a research cost of 130 Science. It unlocks a Star System Improvement, requires research in Xenology or in Soil Xenobiology, and allows no further research.

"Though the Automatons are not great explorers, they are efficient users of new technology. In this case, engineers have expanded the Automaton ability to create vast orbital platforms by using technology and techniques from newly discovered species."

Orbital SuperstructuresEdit

  • +1 Population Capacity on Planets

Cost: 5 Turns (8 in Disharmony).

Warning: while building, system loses all stacked industry!

"The size of orbital platforms was previously limited by variables like orbital distance, gravity, and solar exposure. However, technologies learned from other civilizations have permitted the Automatons to make larger, more densely populated orbitals with greater efficiency and higher output."