Deep Space Habitats is an Automatons-specific technology on the Exploration and Expansion technology tree with a research cost of 4000 Science. It unlocks one Empire Improvement and one Planet Improvement, requires research in Atmospheric Filtration, and allows no further research.

"The ability to manage biospheres and industrial infrastructures in environments without light, air, or gravity is almost, but not quite, more art than science. This discipline lies at the peak of a pyramid composed of mathematics, psychology, game theory, signal science, regulatory network theory, and system sciences. Lessons learned from the exploitation of Dust are equally critical."

Advanced Warp FieldsEdit

  • +12 Warp on Empire

"Simple advances in energy generation have improved the engine's ability to compress and expand space-time. The resulting increase in speed is appreciated, and higher engine efficiency also means that greater distances can now be traveled."

Terran TransformationEdit

  • +4 Food per Population on Planet
  • +2 Industry per Population on Planet
  • +4 Dust per Population on Planet
  • +2 Science per Population on Planet

Cost : 1440 Industry

Requires: Quadrinix Quadrinix

"Rich and varied, a Terran-class planet is one of the most viable and valuable planet types in the universe. Transforming another planet into this type is necessarily an expensive and scientifically complex task. But, like most things in life, it wouldn't be interesting if it were too easy."


This technology is almost identical to the standard Complex Regulated Systems technology, but the Automatons get it much earlier in their technology tree, and the cost for Terran Transformation is considerably less.

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