Dark Matter Shielding is a technology on the Exploration and Expansion technology tree with a research cost of 25000 Science. It unlocks one Empire Improvement, requires research in Mass Particle Displacement, and allows further research in Dark Energy Effects.

"Of a density and anti-mass whose values perplexed scientists for centuries, Dark Matter is finally well understood and being exploited for use in shield technology."

Wormhole HyperspaceEdit

Icon64px128px-Wormhole Hyperspace

"Measurements and analyses done by ships traversing wormholes have revealed an unexpected discovery. In fact, in the extra-dimensional space between the entry and exit of a wormhole exists a sort of 'hyperspace' within which all currently mapped wormholes are connected. This can be exploited to permit a vessel to enter a wormhole and exit through any other wormhole whose coordinates are known."

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