Cruisers are the 2nd class a player will typically unlock (via Baryonic Shielding) in the bottom Technology Tree. These Ships receive a 25% discount to armor, invasion and power modules. These bonuses make the Cruiser somewhat of a jack-of-all-trades. Cruisers make excellent support ships, and fare well in most combat situations.


Cruisers are especially useful for system invasions, as the invasion bonus allows a large amount of extra ground firepower at relatively little cost. It may be useful to fill these ships with power, repair, and invasion modules that give fleetwide bonuses (and then attach one or two to every fleet). The armor bonus leads to added survivability. All in all, the cruiser is the most versatile ship in the game.

Because of the way some armor modules stacks exponentially, Cruisers can have very high health, easily surpassing even that of Dreadnought, yet still have functional firepower and defense.


Faction Industry 1002industrySmall (Disharmony) Strategic Resources  (Disharmony) HP 1020healthPoints Tonnage 1009weightSmall Name
Amoeba 100 (160) 7802StrategicResourceTitanium Titanium-70 (N/A) 1200 200 Lysos
Automatons 100 (160) 7802StrategicResourceTitanium Titanium-70 (N/A) 1200 200 Sickle
Cravers 80 (128) 7802StrategicResourceTitanium Titanium-70 (N/A) 1200


Harmony (160) (N/A) 1200 200 Simic
Hissho 100 (160) 7802StrategicResourceTitanium Titanium-70 (N/A) 1200 200 Phoenix
Horatio 120 (196) 7802StrategicResourceTitanium Titanium-70 (N/A) 1200 200 Dux
Pilgrims 100 (160) 7802StrategicResourceTitanium Titanium-70 (N/A) 1200 160 Reliant
Sheredyn 100 (160) 7802StrategicResourceTitanium Titanium-70 (N/A) 1680 200 Cruiser
Sophons 100 (160) 7802StrategicResourceTitanium Titanium-70 (N/A) 1200 200 Giga
Sowers 100 (160) 7802StrategicResourceTitanium Titanium-70 (N/A) 1200 200 Axe
United Empire 100 (160) 7802StrategicResourceTitanium Titanium-70 (N/A) 1680 200 Cruiser
Vaulters (160) (N/A) 1200 200 Ljdya

Hull-specifications in DisharmonyEdit

Cruisers get 2 Special-Module-Slots. Thus(like most other ships) they provide one Special slot per Command point.

Faction Hull Specifications Construction Effect
Amoeba  -30% deflector module 1009weightSmall N/A
Automatons -25% support module power 1009weightSmall N/A
Cravers -30% troop module 1009weightSmall N/A
Harmony -50% defense module 1009weightSmall -50% on population growth on star system
Hissho -20% support module repair 1009weightSmall N/A
Horatio -60% support module civilian 1009weightSmall N/A
Pilgrims -50% support module engine 1009weightSmall N/A
Sheredyn -30% bomb against pop 1009weightSmall N/A
 +50% defense module 1009weightSmall
-25% support module 1009weightSmall
Sowers -30% support module armour N/A
United Empire -25% weapon module N/A
Vaulters -25% weapon module N/A

Classes FighterBomberTransportCorvetteDestroyerCruiserBattleshipDreadnought
Modules Weapon ModuleDefense ModuleSupport Module

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