Condensate Systems is an Amoeba-specific technology on the Exploration and Expansion technology tree with a research cost of 14000 Science. It unlocks one Empire Improvement, requires research in Low-Temp Hydration, and allows no further research.

"Originating on an Ocean planet, the Amoeba have a natural tendency to prefer water environments. In order to simplify the process of Ocean terraforming, a group of scientists created a way to accelerate the conversion of frozen asteroids into viable, liquid water."

Applied AstrofabsEdit

  • +2 Approval per % of Diplomatic Victory
  • +2 Food per Population on Ocean
  • +2 Industry per Population on Ocean
  • +2 Dust per Population on Ocean
  • +2 Science per Population on Ocean

"The Amoeba have learned a great deal from their time as a spacefaring race, and this is a concerted effort to apply those lessons to industry and agriculture in aquatic environments. As it turns out, the Amoeba society is capable of great efficiencies when exploiting Ocean worlds."

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