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Multiple systems being blockaded


Blockades may be initiated by a fleet once the player toggles the 'Guard System' order, recognizable as a 'shield infront of a system' button on the fleet menu tab.

The fleet will automatically intercept enemy fleet that it encounters, as well as inhibiting the other star system's economy. They will not be able to leave the system without combat once a blockade is started.

Additionally, a player can raise a blockade by toggling the 'Invade System' order. This will automatically raise a blockade and begin invading the system. The player may use this to raise blockades while not restricting enemy movements in the system.

Blockade Effects on Strategic and Luxury ResourcesEdit

If a system posseses Strategic and/or Luxury Resources, two thing happen during a Blockade:

  • Access to the blockaded resources are not available for Empire-wide usage
  • A blockaded system may only have access to Strategic/Luxury Resources that originate from that system.

Blockade Effects on FIDSEdit

When a blockade is set up around a system, 1025fidsSmall output from that system is limited. The following effects occur:

  • The system receives a -25% malus on 16px-food
  • 16px-industry is unnaffected, as it is a system-only resource
  • 16px-dust that would go to the Empire from taxes will not be forthcoming, and it may only be used for system needs
  • No 16px-science will be produced by a blockaded system.


  • 16px-industry production might be slightly affected if the system possesses the Adaptive Industrial Systems Star System Improvement since it will reduce 16px-food production.

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