Black Hole Mining is a technology on the Applied Sciences technology tree with a research cost of 25,000 Science. It unlocks an Empire Improvement and a new Strategic Resource, needs research in Quantum Substrates or in Self Replicating Structures and allows further research in Quantum Robotics, Persistent Construction and Resilient Infrastructures.

"Extremely advanced mastery of the forces of gravity and time permit properly equipped platforms to harvest materials from the edge of the Event Horizon. Note: Do not try this at home Otherwise you will be responsible for the sucks."

Generic SuppliesEdit

  • +25% Tonnage on Ships

"All things are made of chains and structures based on elements from the periodic table. With energy production essentially 'free' and powerful containment fields, it is now far simpler and cheaper to simply purchase in bulk whatever elements are needed in the cheapest form they can be obtained, then build them into whatever form or compound is needed on the trip. Requirements for special storage and complicated shipping and packaging are now a thing of the past."



"A material that exists in phases between matter, anti-matter, and alternate universes, quadrinix has the highest energy density of any known and containable substance." It is it

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