Baryonic Shielding is a technology on the Exploration and Expansion technology tree with a research cost of 680 Science. It unlocks one Colonization option and one Ship Class, requires research in Applied Casimir Effect or Improved Thermodynamics, and allows further research in Atmospheric Engineering, Atmospheric Filtration, and Graviton Manipulation.

"While there are some particles that can pass through plasma shielding, this improved version prevents penetration by any baryon particle (primarily neutrons and protons)."

Colonize LavaEdit


Production Cost: 75 Industry 1 Population

  • -100% on Population growth on Star System

"For obvious reasons this planet type is nicknamed "Shake-and-Bake". Due to their active, volcanic characteristics and excitingly lively plate tectonics, the major hurdle to colonizing lava-type planets is the creation of sufficiently robust and tremor-resistant buildings and public infrastructures. That are, of course, also fireproof."

Improved Lava Colony (Sowers)Edit

  • Remove the colonization penalty on that planet type

Sowers can always colonize any planet type, but suffer a FIDS penalty until they research the appropriate technology.

Cruiser ClassEdit

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